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Move Talent Through The Talent Pipeline

We want your LiveHire experience to be as effortless as possible! That's why progressing candidates through the Talent Community pipeline is as easy as 1,2,3!

How to Progress Candidates Through the Talent Pipeline:

1. Open a candidate's profile by clicking their name or profile picture.

2. Click the Move To button on the far right-hand side.

3. Choose where to move the candidates from the following options:

    • Talent Community
    • Talent Pool
    • In Progress
    • Hired (Internal or Contractor)

Not sure where they belong? Here's a brief guide to help!

Talent Community: Anyone who has joined your Talent Community or accepted a connection request will automatically be added to this section and remain there until they are moved.

Talent Pool: Found the perfect employee, but don't have the perfect job for them? That's what the Talent Pool is for! Move candidates you want to consider for future roles into the Talent Pool. 

In Progress: Interviewing, calling, or reviewing a candidate for a specific role? Move them into the In Progress section to keep track.

Hired: Congratulations! You've successfully hired an amazing candidate! Move them into the Hired section for safe keeping!

Have candidates in your Talent Community that aren't suitable at the moment? You can mark them as Do Not Contact or Archived until you're ready for them to join your Talent Community again!

1. Click Move To on the far right-hand side of their profile. 

2. Select from the following options:

    • Do Not Contact
    • Archived

Do not Contact: Use this option to remind yourself or other recruiters not to contact a candidate at this time. This tag can always be removed later on. 

Archive: If a candidate is not suitable for jobs within your company you can archive them. Don't worry though! This candidate can always be re-added to your Talent Community.


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