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How Do I Change My Worker Account To A Company Account?

Your company account must be separate from your worker account. If you already used your work email for your worker account you can still change it! Follow the steps below to change your worker email and create your company user account.

Please note: In order to change your email you will need to know your current password. Forgot your current password? Reset your password here.

How to Change Your Worker Email to an Employer Email:

1. Sign into your worker LiveHire Profile.

2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu found in the top right-hand corner.

3. Select Change Email Address.

4. Enter a new email address to use for your worker account and password then click Submit.

    • Please note: Your new email address must be different from your company user email address.

5. Check both emails for the confirmation emails that you have changed the email address associated with your account.

    • Make sure to follow the link sent to your new email address and enter your password to finalize the change!



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