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Add Milestones

Reference checks, medicals, interviews - keeping track of all this information is hard! LiveHire Milestones helps you easily monitor the status of the stages your candidates go through.

How To:

1. How to Add a Milestone

2. How to Remove a Milestone

How to Add a Milestone:

1. Open a candidate's profile by clicking their name or profile picture.

2. Click Milestones on the far right-hand side.

3. Select your Milestone from the following options:

    • Phone Call
    • First Interview
    • Second Interview
    • Third Interview
    • Other Interview
    • Medical Checks - Flagged
    • Medical Checks - Clear
    • Police Checks - Flagged
    • Police Checks - Clear
    • Reference Check
    • Offer Submitted
    • Start Date Confirmed
    • Candidate Declined Offer

4. Select the date of the Milestone and click Add.

How to Remove Milestones:

1. Navigate to the Activity Tab on your desired candidate.

2. Scroll though the Activity Tab to find the desired Milestone listing.

3. Scroll over the listing until the red X appears and click the icon to delete the Milestone.



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