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Creating a Job Vacancy

Disclaimer: This functionality is only available for Talent Community users.

How to Create a Job Vacancy:

1. Sign into your LiveHire Talent Community company account.

2. Click your name at the top right-hand corner.

3. Select Job Vacancies from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Add Vacancy at the top right-hand corner.

5. Select the hiring manager, the recruiter, and click the plus symbol to add any collaborators to the project.


6. Fill out the following information in the Details tab:

  • Job Title: The role you are looking to hire.
    • Select Expression of Interest if this role was not created with an immediate need to be filled.
  • Job ID (optional): The ID that will identify the job and appear in the job vacancy URL.
  • Business Needs and Justification drop-down (optional)
    • Reason for Vacancy: Select why you are creating this vacancy
    • Comments: Additional details about the vacancy
    • No. of Positions: How many roles to fill.
    • Desired Start Date: When you are looking to have someone in the role by.
    • Target Days to Fill: The desired time to fill this role. This will determine the stop-light status of your vacancy on your Job Vacancy overview page.
  • Position Details drop-down (option)
    • Location: Country and city or suburb of the role.
    • Specialities: Any desired specialities of the candidates for the role.
    • Work type: What type of position this is.
      • If Contract/Temp, or any Fixed Term work type is selected, two extra fields will appear
        • Contract End Date
        • Duration
    • Workdays per Week: How many days are expected per week.
    • Hours per Week: How many hours are expected per week.
    • Business Unit: The department or unit the role will fall within in the company.
    • Salary Type: What type of salary is offered.
    • Range: What range will the salary fall within
      • Select Do not publish salary type and range to keep the details private.
  • Private Documents: add any additional documents for internal users to view

7. Fill out the following information in the Description tab:

  • Job Summary: A concise description of the Job Vacancy to appear on your career's page.
    • Select Add key selling point to add bullet points of what is most attractive about the job.
  • Job Description: A more detailed description of the job and what it entails.
  • YouTube link: Add an optional link to a video about the job or workplace to appear on the Job Vacancy listing.
  • Public Attachments: Add optional attachments for candidates to view 

8. Fill out the following information in the Video Interview tab:

  • Add video interviewing details if your company has the application integration. For more information on video interviewing integrations please contact our team.

9. Fill out the following information in the Application tab: 

  • Check the check box if you want candidates to automatically be disqualified if they do not have working rights in Australia
    • Candidates with no right to work will be automatically notified after hours on the day after they apply

10. Preview the job to make sure all the information is correct.

11. Click Save or Request Approval.

Awesome! You've finished creating your job vacancy! Your next step is to Approve the vacancy and learn how to do multi-level approvals by reading: Job Vacancy Approvals.



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