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Add Additional Users

Recruitment for a company is often a team effort; that's why LiveHire allows you to have multiple users on your Talent Community account. Make sure your recruiter and hiring managers are sourcing from the same talent pool by adding them as users to your account. Users have the same abilities as administrators for sourcing talent within the platform.

How to Add an Additional User:

1. Open the drop-down menu under your name.

2. Select Manage Users.

3. Click the Add User button.


4. Add the following details for your new user:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Role type:
    • Admin: Admins have full access to the platform including all administrative functions for the company.
    • Recruiter: Recruiters have full access to the platform and can perform actions across all areas without restriction.
    • Hiring Manager: Hiring Managers have access to the jobs that they are a part of and can perform relevant job and candidate actions as defined for the company.


5. Select or deselect the Send invite email to this user.

Please note: Sending the email will invite the user to claim their account. If the user is only being added for reporting purposes then you don't need to send an invitation. Don't worry though, you can always send an invite later!

6. Click the Add button.

You're done! The user will sit in the Pending tab until they accept their invitation and set a password. 


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