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Add Documents

Use the Documents feature on LiveHire to keep all of your candidate's relevant forms in one easily accessible place! 

How to:

1. How to Add Documents

2. How to Remove Documents

How to Add Documents:

1. Open a candidate's profile by clicking their name or profile picture.

2. Click Documents on the far right-hand side of their profile.

3. Drag and drop or click browse to upload multiple documents.

    • View the documents by accessing the Documents tab or accessing the candidate's Activity Log.

Examples of documents to add:

    • Police checks
    • Contracts
    • Medicals

How to Remove Documents:

1. Navigate to the Activity Tab on your desired candidate.

2. Filter to only show documents by selecting Documents.

3. Scroll though the Activity Tab to find the document listing.

4. Scroll over the listing until the red X appears and select it to delete the document.



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