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Performing Actions on Candidate Profiles

There are many actions you can perform on a candidate's profile to help with your recruitment workflow. Watch the video below or read on to find out more.

Once you've clicked into the profile of the candidate, you will see options of actions down the right hand side of the page. 

Messaging: Find out more about messaging candidates here

Move To: Move the candidate through different stages in the talent pipeline

Rating: Add a rating to the candidate. This rating will apply to their profile throughout your entire talent community. 

Download CVDownload the candidate's original CV or their LiveHire profile in Word or PDF format.

Relationship: Change the candidate's relationship status to give a visual indication on the employment status of that candidate. 

Referred ByAdd information about the person who referred the candidate. 

You can also add the following information to the candidate profile. This information is only visible to the recruiters in your company and can't be accessed by the candidate. 

Notes: Add notes to the candidate profile that you may want to add to their activity log

Tags: Adding tags to the candidate profile allows you to search for those tags in your Talent Community. This allows for greater organisation and easy searching in the future!

Milestones: Add milestones to keep track of different stages the candidate goes through including interviews, reference checks, police checks, medicals and more. 

Documents: Upload documents to keep any relevant candidate forms in one place. 

Highlights: Highlights show up in the business card of the candidate profile and is where you can add any key information about the candidate. 



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