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Creating Message Templates

Message templates are a great way to maintain your productivity whilst sending personalised messages to your candidates.  

How to Create a Message Template

1.Select Message Templates from the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner.

2. Click Add Template.


3. Select the type of template you'd like to create. The types of templates available are:

  • General Message: Sent to candidates across the platform including on their profile view, in Job Vacancies, and Talent Pools. 
  • Unsuccessful Message: Sent to candidates - available when disqualifying an active candidate from a job vacancy.
  • Job Vacancy Invitation: Sent to candidates across the platform to invite them to a job vacancy .
  • Job Message: Sent to candidates from a job vacancy in individual and bulk job vacancy management message actions.
  • Temporary Profile Invitation: Talent Community invitation messages sent to candidates with Temporary Profiles added via Add Candidate
  • Talent Pool Message: Sent to candidates from a Talent Pool in individual and bulk Talent Pool message actions.
  • Interview Invitation: Interview invitation messages sent to candidates. Available across the platform
  • Interview Confirmation: Interview confirmation messages sent to candidates. Available across the platform.


4. Depending on the type of template chosen, there may be additional fields to fill in. The fields that you may need to fill in are:

  • Name: The name of your Message Template so that it's easy to identify and choose.
  • Job Status (Optional): Only available for Unsuccessful Messages. This will specify what candidate status the template applies to. 
  • Message: The message you'd like in your template.

5. All message templates enable you to choose Merge Fields which allow you to send the message to multiple people whilst still keeping it personalised. 


Types of merge fields available are:

  • First Name: Will insert first name of candidate.
  • Role Name: Will insert the name of the role you're contacting the candidate about.
  • Talent Pool Name: Will insert the name of the Talent Pool.
  • Sender First Name: Will insert your first name
  • Sender Full Name: Will insert your full name
  • Sender Position Title: Will insert your job title
  • Sender Company Name: Will insert the name of the company you work for
  • Interview Type: Will insert the type of interview the candidate is invited to
  • Interview Date: Will insert the date of the interview
  • Interview Time: Will insert the time of the interview

6. In some templates, you will also see a template at the bottom that will give the candidate information about the role name, company name, location, work type and salary, as well as your name, position and company, to give the candidates clarity around what the message is about. 

7. Once complete, click Create. The template will now appear in the list of templates

8. From the main template page, you can edit or delete any of the templates you've created through the button on the far right hand side.




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