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Publish a Job Vacancy on Seek

Publishing a paid job advertisement on Seek requires a bit more information than the standard job publishing feeds discussed in the previous article

To publish an advertisement on Seek, the following criteria need to be met: 

  1. Seek Job Publishing has been enanbled in your LiveHire Talent Community
  2. You have purchased posting credits with Seek
  3. The Job Vacancy has been Created, Approved and Opened.

If the above criteria have been met, you can begin the Seek publishing process.  The steps for completing this process are: 

  1. Navigate to the Job Vacancies Dashboard.
  2. Select the Job that you would like to post from your Active Jobs bucket.
  3. Click the Publish button.
  4. Under the Paid Job Listings heading, click the Post button for Seek


  5. Complete the details for the Seek Advertisement.  Fields that are required for publishing have a red asterisk as an indicator.


  6. Once you have completed all required fields, click the Post button (or Save to save your advertisement as a Draft).



  1. Some of the SEEK publishing details fields can also pre-fill with content from details in the Job Vacancy. These include; Region, Key Selling Points, Work Type, Salary Type, Youtube URL and Recruiter Details.
  2. SEEK jobs can be published for a maximum of 30 days. This is a restriction on the SEEK side. We have added validation to the start and end date selection for posting to SEEK to prevent a user from selecting an end date that is greater than 30 days from the selected start date. If an end date less than 30 days after the start date is selected, the job post will automatically be unpublished from SEEK when this date passes.
  3. As SEEK job posts are paid posts, additional care should be given to posting / unposting jobs. The posted SEEK job can be updated without unposting by updating the Job Vacancy details, as per the Free Job Listings, or accessing the SEEK publishing details for a posted job, updating the required details, and selecting to Save the update. If a SEEK post is unposted and then reposted, the client will be charged for a new job post.
  4. Once a SEEK job is posted, some details cannot be updated. These include; Post Dates, Listing Type (when posted as a Standout Listing) and Logo.
  5. If you have a SEEK Branded ad image set up they do not need to select a Custom Template. the Branded ad image will automatically appear on their ad once posted. The client will need to select a StandOut logo. If a Custom Template is selected the Branded ad image will be replaced with the Custom Template selected instead. 
  6. At times an ad posted to SEEK may be delayed in going live on site by around 15mins (during business hours) if the content within the ad triggers any of the compliance filters set up. 


What's next? 

  1. Editing a Seek Posting
  2. Unposting a Seek Posting


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