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Creating a Talent Pool

1. Open Talent Pools through the drop down menu under your name.

2. Click the plus icon at the top right hand corner of the page and select Talent Pool.

3. Fill out the following information:

  • Owner: Set who is responsible for managing the Talent Pool
  • Collaborators: Add any collaborators
  • Business Unit
  • Hires per year: This will determine your ideal target size
  • Target size: This can be amended once calculated through hires per year
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of the Talent Pool

4. Next add your ideal candidate's attributes:

  • Specialities
  • Role Names
  • Industry Experience
  • Experience (in years)
  • Location
  • Radius: The distance of someone's home around the ideal candidate's location
  • Work type: Full time, part time, casual, contract/temp, and volunteer
  • Languages
  • Auto tagging: This new ability allows you to automatically add tags to anyone who is added to the Talent Pool

5. Fill out the Relationships information:

  • Grouping: The Talent Pool Groups this Talent Pool falls under.
  • Reports To: Who this person report to.
  • Assigned Projects: If this Talent Pool falls within a project.
  • Related Job vacancies

6. Click create and watch the suggested candidates roll in.

How to Filter by Talent Pools:

1. Change the Talent Pool view to View by Pool by selecting the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner.

2. Filter by collaborators by selecting the drop-down menu in the middle and select your recruiter name to filter to their pools or filter by Talent Pool name by using the search bar.


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