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Creating a Project

Projects are all about planning ahead. Every company will find a different use for projects based on their hiring needs, but let’s take a look at a few ideas on how to best utilise projects:

  • New store openings: The store might not be ready, but the staff will need to be.
  • Projects to win: Impress your tender submissions with Talent Pools all ready to go for the entire project. Divide those Talent Pools into groups and then put them all in a client-specific project. Boom. You just landed another client by proving how proactive you are.
  • OKRs: Many leading businesses work with the Objectives Key Results framework. You may have teams that are accountable for particular objectives. Build a Project Talent Pool around your objectives.

How to Create a Project:

1. Open Talent Pools through the drop down menu under your name.

2. Click the plus icon at the top right hand corner of the page and select Project.

3. Fill out the following information:

  • Type: Shared
  • Owner: Set who is responsible for managing the Talent Pool
  • Collaborators: Add any collaborators
  • Name: What the Project is called
  • ID
  • Business Unit
  • Purpose: What is the purpose for this Project
  • Include Pools: Add Talent Pools you want added to this Group

4. Click create.

How to Filter by Projects:

1. Change the Talent Pool view to View by Project by selecting the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner.

2. Filter by collaborators by selecting the drop-down menu in the middle and select your recruiter name to filter to their pools.

3. Filter by Talent Pool name by using the search bar.


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