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Create Vacancy for Talent Pool

How to create a Job Vacancy for a Talent Pool:

1. Select Actions to open the drop-down menu and select Create Vacancy.

2. Fill out the following information:

    • Owner
    • Collaborators
    • Role Name
      • Select Expression of Interest if this role was not created with an immediate need to be filled.
    • Target Days to Fill: The desired time to fill the role
    • Desired Start Date
    • Job Reference ID: You can enter a unique reference string that will show up in the URL for a more personalised look
    • Business Unit
    • Applications Close Date: The close date will stop uninvited users from applying to the job
    • Reason for Vacancy
    • Number of Positions: You can open a job vacancy to fill multiple roles at once.
    • Work Type
    • Location
    • Specialties
    • Salary Type
    • Range

Role Summary: 

A short description to appear as a summary on your careers page

  • Role Description
  • Optional: Adding Attachments:
  • Click the Attachments tab at the top of your job vacancy
  • Add files of up to 3MB to be public facing or internal
    Please note: Candidates will be able to see and download the public facing attachments. To edit file names simply click the grey pencil icon beside the file listing. To delete a file select the red cross beside the listing.

3. Click Done.


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